MATH 811 CAA, Practical Problems in Mathematics

Success isn’t a spectator sport.

You succeed because you commit to your decision to do something and you act on that decision. People don’t succeed because they’re lucky, they succeed because they do something about it. You may have done well in math classes in the past or you may have had some difficulty but in the end the message is the same. If you want to learn math, if you want to pass this class, then you have to make it a conscious decision and follow a plan to see it though.




Although there are many reasons you may not have met your goals, there are also multiple strategies for succeeding in your next math class, especially if you begin with some good habits you maintain throughout the semester. From the beginning of the class, almost every day, through to the end of the semester, a successful student will follow most or all of the following:

Come to Class

This seems obvious, but it’s critical. If you could do the work without attending class, you wouldn’t be taking the class in the first place.

Do all the assigned work

If you ever do get behind, get help immediately so that you can catch up with the current topics of each class.

If any of the material is unclear, get help from your instructor, a tutor, or a classmate.

The longer you wait to do this, the more the amount of unclear material builds up until virtually nothing makes sense in class anymore.


Visit the Learning Center

to study in a structured environment with a tutor.

Study outside of class with classmates.

You may pick up ideas from them, and its easier to motivate for a study session if other people are counting on you.

Be honest with yourself

Only you know if you really understand a concept. Only you know if you have truly been doing your best. It’s easy to make an excuse to yourself as to why you can’t do something. Successful people persevere despite the obstacles in their

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